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Read all about Echo 360

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At the University of Dallas, Texas the idea of using microblogging to get large numbers of students in big lecture auditoriums to participate in the f2f discussions helped facilitate over 90 students at one time . Twitter was able to be accessed on their wireless laptops and iphones and also remotely students could engage with the synchronous discussions if not present. A great way of demonstrating the power of the participatory web Read, Write Web for student-centred learning. Visit this demo below. Read Paper

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This is the inaugural aupov09 Conference that was held in Wollongong, NSW Australia 18-19 June 2009.

Photographed by, S Ridgway 2009

This one day conference has been a series of interesting keynote speakers including Adelaide’s Alison Miller from Australian Flexible Framework on eportfolios in learning and teaching regarding  the emergence of POV and their potential use in the Vocational Education  and higher education sectors.

Toni Twiss was the international presenter from Waikato University who, presented  her research with Gen C students and their use of video. Whilst , Michael Coghlan also from Adelaide presented an  historical and cultural landscape of user generated content presented a empowering presentation through time and space to where we are today. Basically a realistaion of how far we have come where the IT threshold has been lowered  with use of multimedia generated software thanks to web 2.0 anyone is a producer on the read write web.

There were many delegates collaborating on twitter and blogs, those not attending were able to participate live via twitter by using the hash tag #aupov09 .

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Talking VTE will be uploading all the presentations. So too will the aupov09 Conference site be uploading the presenters presentations and recordings.

Visit the conference mobsy74 and Alara

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