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Learning Activities (from George Siemans LTC )

Littlejohn and Pegler in Preparing for Blended e-Learning outline five learning activity techniques based on Laurillard’s Conversational Model. They produce the following matrix (reformatted):[25]

type of learning activity what is it? media forms technologies tools technique (how)
assimilative processing narrative media – managing and structuring information lectures, DVD’s or reading texts concept mapping, brainstorming, buzzwords, crosswords, defining, mind maps, web searchtexts word processor, presentation software, text, image, audio, video CMAP, Hot Potatoes, Google, Office Products, Social Bookmarking, Blogs, Wikis, Pageflakes, Google Reader
adaptive an environment that changes according to learner input simulations, games modelling virtual worlds, models, simulations, games Second Life, MMORPG
communicative discussing asynchronous or synchronous discussions, chats, text messages reasoning, arguing, coaching, debate, discussion, negotiation, performance electronic whiteboards, email, discussion boards, chat, instant messaging, voip, video conferencing, web conferencing, blogs, wikis online bulletin boards, skype, IM, Facebook, Social Bookmarking, Blogs, Wikis
productive learners producing something creating, producing, writing, drawing, composing, synthesizing, remixing, mashups artifact, book report, thesis, essay, exercise, journaling, literature review, multiple choice questions, puzzles, portfolio, product, test, voting creative applications (image editing, CAD, design software) computer aided assessment tools, electronic learning environments InDesign, Photoshop, YouTube, Google Video, Office Software, Sketch
experiential interactive activities that focus on problem solving practising, applying, mimicking, experiencing, exploring, investigating, performing case-study, experiment, laboratory, field trip, game, role-playing, scavenger hunt virtual lab, 3D immersive environment Google Earth, MMORPG, Second Life

New options to create and share information (through aggregation and visualization) have significant implications. How we as educators teach, present content, allow learners to interact with content, and how we keep content sources current require new approaches. For many educators, however, the task may appear onerous or too complex.

Tools like Google Alerts (which generate email updates of topics you are interested in or currently tracking) provide a starting point. Or perhaps setting up a NetVibes account and following a handful of blogs or journals in your field is a more suitable beginning point. If visual imagery is important, create a flickr badge to pull photos from an account into a web page.

Small scale experimentation – with high payback – can be motivating. Adopting and exploring additional tools and concepts is more inviting once you’ve had success with certain tools

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People are now changing the way they work, no longer anchored to the desktop workstation but mobile accesss through wifi networks enable these nomads to network  anywhere anytime as long as there is access to wifi .

Interesting shift in technology and educational paradigms to meet the contextual environment of the times.

 Whats happening with all these policies, guidelines  on technologies why do students need to use web 2.0/laptops read on…